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Nov 29, 2022

Are you considering having your self storage business remotely managed?

OpenTech Alliance’s Remote Manager service is the perfect solution.

  • Eliminate onsite store personnel costs with a fully remote frontline customer service team
  • Grow your team quickly and efficiently with staff that will seamlessly represent your brand
  • Supplement onsite staff at a fraction of the cost and gain flexible labor at your fingertips


Jim Ross & 3 Mile Storage Management

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About Jim Ross

Jim Ross and his company 3 Mile Storage Management offers self storage property management solutions for self storage facility owners that want to dominate their local 3 mile market with a large focus on remotely managed operations. I enjoy providing value to the self storage industry through writing books, speaking at industry events, putting together virtual summits, hosting The Self Storage Show podcast, curating a weekly newsletter and providing much of it for free at


OpenTech Alliance

After launching self-service kiosks in the early 2000s, OpenTech recognized the future in modern self storage – and went all in. With innovations that reset industry standards, they’ve built a robust property technology company with a portfolio of 10+ products to provide practical solutions to tenant and operator challenges. Today, thousands of the world’s most successful storage brands trust OpenTech to help them connect with tenants, simplify their operation and grow their business.


Phone: 800-419-2006