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Nov 16, 2022

AJ Osborne joins Jim Ross on The Self Storage Show to discuss value add strategies for your self storage business.


Jim Ross & 3 Mile Storage Management

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About Jim Ross

Jim Ross and his company 3 Mile Storage Management offers self storage property management solutions for self storage facility owners that want to dominate their local 3 mile market with a large focus on remotely managed operations. I enjoy providing value to the self storage industry through writing books, speaking at industry events, putting together virtual summits, hosting The Self Storage Show podcast, curating a weekly newsletter and providing much of it for free at


AJ Osborne

AJ Osborne is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and investor who owns and manages his self storage portfolio of over $300 million of assets through his companies Cedar Creek Capital, Bitterroot Holdings, and Clearwater Benefits.

He’s the owner and host of the largest self storage podcast, Self Storage Income. As an operator and private owner with over 1.2 million square feet of self storage, he regularly keynotes at national conferences on operations related to investing in, buying, and managing self storage facilities.

AJ specializes in developing, converting and turning around underperforming facilities with a value-add strategy, and loves to show other entrepreneurs and investors how to focus on technology and self storage automation.