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Feb 8, 2024

🏘️ Vanessa Vanessa Rovekamp's Transition to Self-Storage Vanessa recounts her journey from the real estate sector to self-storage, a move inspired by the burgeoning opportunities in marketing and technological advancements within the industry. She shares her enthusiasm for harnessing automation to enhance lead generation and operational efficiencies, marking a significant shift in her career path.

📈 Strategic Growth at Devon Self Storage Detailing Devon Self Storage's impressive growth trajectory, Vanessa discusses the company's expansion from over 108 properties with an ambitious target of 200+ properties, utilizing mergers and automation. She highlights how technology has been a cornerstone in scaling operations and elevating the efficiency of customer service.

🤖 The Critical Role of Automation in Customer Service Vanessa explores how automation technologies, from lead generation to managing the customer lifecycle, are indispensable in delivering timely services and improving operational efficiency. The incorporation of chatbots and other digital platforms has revolutionized customer interactions and service delivery at Devon Self Storage.

🚀 Anticipating the Future of Self-Storage The conversation concludes with Vanessa and J. Moss contemplating the future role of AI and automation in the self-storage industry. They discuss the potential for these technologies to further refine customer service, streamline operations, and the necessity for industry players to stay technologically abreast to fulfill evolving consumer expectations.