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Jul 11, 2022

I love it when I have some great competition in my local self storage market.  It forces me to raise up my self storage game to get attention in the marketplace (marketing), I have to be fantastic at converting those leads into rentals, and it allows me to have a better overall self storage business than if I was simply in competition with myself. Embrace your competition because if you don’t have much at the moment you soon will! 


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About Jim Ross

I started out in the self storage industry as a self storage manager.  I moved up and became a district manager.  Eventually after many years in the self storage industry I knew I could use my knowledge and expertise to help owners skyrocket the value of their self storage investments.  That led me to create 3 Mile Storage Management.  


3 Mile Storage Management offers self storage property management solutions for self storage facility owners that want to dominate their local 3 mile market with a large focus on remotely managed operations.


I enjoy providing value to the self storage industry through speaking at industry events, putting together virtual summits, hosting The Self Storage Show podcast, weekly newsletter and compiling much of the content and online events I've done into The Ultimate Self Storage Management Playbook.