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Dec 14, 2023

🏗️ John Lindsey's Self-Storage Legacy Dive into the world of self-storage with John Lindsey, co-founder and president of Lindsey Self Storage Group. In this episode, John shares his family's storied history in the storage business, dating back to 1969 with his father's initial ventures, and how he and his brother expanded the legacy by founding Lindsey Self Storage Group in 2012. Today, their company boasts a robust presence in brokerage, not just in the U.S., but also across Europe and Southeast Asia.

📈 The Evolution of the Storage Industry John discusses the remarkable transformation of the storage industry, tracing his father's pioneering steps from 1969. He reflects on the generational shifts in the industry, evolving from hands-on construction to a more expansive focus on brokerage and international growth.

🌐 Analyzing the Current Self-Storage Market Join the conversation on the current dynamics in the self-storage market, particularly the effects of COVID-19. John observes a 'soft landing' in the industry, with some adjustments in pricing and occupancy levels. He addresses the challenges of adapting to new debt environments and changing market expectations.

💡 Strategies for Business Growth and Adaptation Gain valuable insights from John on strategic planning and adaptation in the ever-evolving economic landscape. He offers practical advice on how self-storage businesses can enhance their leads, rentals, and revenue, highlighting the importance of a structured approach, as detailed in his book and the 'Three Zones of Excellence' framework.

🚀 Advice for Future Success in Self-Storage The episode concludes with John’s advice for industry players: a call to stay conservative and prepared for market cycles. He underscores the potential for opportunities even in challenging times and the necessity of tailoring business strategies to align with current market conditions.

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