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Dec 6, 2023

🌟 Introduction to Brandon Grebe and Uplift Development Group

In this insightful episode, we welcome Brandon Grebe, the principal and co-founder of Uplift Development Group, based in Colorado. Brandon brings his expertise to the table, focusing on self-storage property development and acquisitions, particularly in the Sun Belt states.

📈 The Art of Optimizing Google Business Profiles for Self-Storage

 Delve into Brandon's perspective on the crucial role of optimizing Google Business profiles for self-storage businesses. Learn why this often-overlooked aspect can be a game-changer in how potential customers find and interact with your storage facility online.

💰 Navigating Financing Challenges in Self-Storage

Brandon discusses the current challenges in securing financing for self-storage projects, especially under the present economic conditions. Understand the nuances and strategies for navigating these complexities to ensure the success of your development or acquisition projects.

🔍 Evolving Market and the Impact of Past Deals

The conversation also explores the potential ripple effects of past deals on today's investors and developers in the self-storage market. Gain insights into how historical transactions can influence current market dynamics and what this means for future development strategies.

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